Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and teachers all want what's best for the kids.  For most of us that includes a good education. Here are some resources I have created and found to help achieve that goal.

New Homeschoolers

Considering Homeschooling
Learning Style - Know Your Child's Learning Style Before Purchasing Curriculum
Homeschooling - Where to Begin
Essential Homeschool Supplies
Finding Resources - Transitioning to Homeschool
Why Do People Decide to Homeschool?
Homeschooling and Motivating Children to Learn 
College Credit at Home
Homeschool/Public School Blend

College Bound?

Preparing for CLEP Testing
Western Civilization I - CLEP Exam
Homeschooling - The Long Term Effects
How has homeschooling worked? - Senior Year
Combining Homeschool and Public School High School 

Homeschooling Issues to Consider

The End of College
Each Child is Unique
Extracurricular Activities
Local Homeschool Group
Homeschool Co-op
Setting-up a Classroom
Our School Room/Living Room
How much time should be spent doing schoolwork?
School Year Round?
Giving Grades?
Homeschool Burnout 
Dad's Role in Homeschooling
After Homeschool - Best College Degrees
Summer Flow


Teaching Kids About Money
House Cleaning and Homeschooling
Alone Time?
Cooking and Homeschooling
Educational Christmas Gifts  2012
Educational Christmas Gifts 2013

Highhill Education Curriculum

Easy Peasy 2015/16
Highhill Educational Philosophy 2013/2014
Highhill Education Curriculum 2013/2014
Highhill Education Daily Flow 2013/2014
Highhill Education Curriculum 2012/2013
Highhill Education Curriculum 2011/2012
Math at Highhill Education
Reading at Highhill Education 
Poetry at Highhill Education
History at Highhill Education
Geography at Highhill Education
Art & Handicrafts at Highhill Education
Music at Highhill Education

Subject Specific

Why Do We Study Math?
Math Curriculum Not Required
Learning to Read
Huge Book List
Writing - Letting Kids Choose
Motivating Kids to Write
Creating Your Own Science Curriculum
Foreign Language Philosophy

Educational Philosophies

Overview of Different Educational Philosophies 
Charlotte Mason Websites
Independent Learning
Montessori Philosophy for Middle Schoolers

Interest-Based Education

Learning to be a Designer
Knitting with Interest and Math
Parenting and Unschooling
A Week of Unschooling
Our Switch to Unschooling
Interest-Based Education and Reading
Switch to Interest-Based Education - Update 1 
Switch to Interest-Based Education - Update 2 (Arts and Crafts) 
Switch to Interest-Based Education - Update 3 (I'm not an unschooler) 
Interest-Based Education and the Rainbow Loom
Educational Christmas Gifts 2015


The Writer's Jungle
Life of Fred - Math Curriculum
Is Life of Fred Enough?
History Books After Story of the World
History Spine Books
History Intro for Kindergarten and First Grade
Living Science Books

Free Lesson Plans

Election Week Lesson Plan
Thanksgiving Week Lesson Plan
Learning about the Library
Art Appreciation Curriculum
Astronomy Unit Study
Cell Unit Study
Human Body Unit Study
Roman Empire Unit Study
Ancient Greece Unit Study
Persia Unit Study
Mesopotamia Unit Study
Ancient China Unit Study
Scythian Unit Study 
Viking Unit Study
Celtic Unit Study

Excellent Free Resources

Best Free Educational Resources
Writing - My Book About Me 
Writing - Postcard Exchange
Huge Book List 
Free Story Websites
Homeschool Share and Five in a Row 
Starfall; Learn to Read
Square Numbers
100 Number Grids 
Adding - Keeping the Columns Straight
Roman Numeral Bingo
Multiplication Circles
Election Math
Math Worksheets
Scratch - Free Tool for Teaching Computer Programming
Google Sketchup - Free 3D Modeling Tool
Duolingo - Free Language Learning Curriculum
Educational Ways to Use an iPad - iPad Apps
Foreign Language Resources
History - The Royal Game of Ur
Free Blank Timelines
Ancient China Timeline Figures
Free Timeline Figures - Greece and China 
Free Geography Games
World Atlas; Free Printable Maps
Geography; Free Printable Maps
Postage Stamps
Human Body Science Videos
Untamed Science Videos - Website 
Brain Hats
Dance Mat Typing

A Few Personal Stories

Our Personal Reasons for Homeschooling
Learning About Lying and Stealing
Do Kids Need Toys? 
The Value of Free Play
Encouraging Kids to Follow Their Interests - Metal Detecting
The Scientific Method 
Lessons Learned - 2012-2013
Opposite Hand Day

German Schools

Homeschooling in Germany
Kindergarten (Preschool)
Shoes off in Kindergarten
Pre-School Playground
The Village School (Germany)
German Schools 

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