Can homeschoolers take public school classes?

My daughter took art and drama classes at our local high school.

After moving back to the United States I wanted to continue to homeschool my children, but taking a few classes at the local public school seemed like a good idea. In our district homeschoolers can take  any non-core classes. In other words, they can take classes not required for graduation including PE, art, music, computer and drama classes, but not math, history and science courses. Each district has its own policies on homeschoolers taking classes, but most do offer some options.

Last year my daughter signed up for drama, art and design, and painting. This year she will be taking ceramics and drawing. The art program in the district is phenomenal and she is taking full advantage of it.

Here is a small sample of her creations at the public school.

In addition to taking non-core classes, homeschoolers are eligible to participate in any clubs the school offers such as yearbook, debate, photography, etc... Since my daughter took the drama class, she began participating in the school plays and the drama club.

Unfortunately participation in sports is not nearly as easy. The district told us that homeschoolers are eligible to participate in sports. They only need to take five classes at the high school. (Full time students take six.) Our local school added a one course requirement above the requirement of the Michigan High School Athletic Association which requires four classes. Then they said another option would be for her to practice with the team and just not compete. Personally I think that would be a huge blow to a child. Although my daughter is athletic and would enjoy the comradery of public school sports, it seems the system is designed to discourage homeschoolers from participation.

Perhaps one day policies on the sports issue will change to be more in line with the policies on classes and clubs. In the mean time, my daughter is greatly enjoying her art classes and the school plays. They have excellent programs.

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  1. Hi! Just curious if you've looked into city sponsored sports for your daughter. My daughter plays competitive softball for a city league and my son plays baseball in another. I know in our state that they do have the option to play for the highschool in our district but most likely they will just continue playing for travel teams as its more competitive. Just another option to look into. Good luck!

    1. Yes there are options like you mentioned for several sports. Last year she was in a gymnastics club. There are many options for soccer, and tae-kwan-do and even some for skiing. Fortunately she has found the outlet she needs through the high school plays . We all need an outlet or hobby and I'm happy she has found an activity to help her feel fulfilled.


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