Hearing a volcano erupted in Washington, the Mississippi River is flooding, the government is handing out money in Brazil, or the next family vacation is planned for Norway makes geography an important subject. Here are a few fun activities to help kids learn geography.

US State Unit Study

Lesson 1: Introduction 
Lesson 2: States and Capitals Activities
Lesson 3: New England States 
Lesson 4: Mid-Atlantic States
Lesson 5: Appalachian Highlands
Lesson 6: Southeastern States 
Lesson 7: Midwestern States 
Lesson 8: Heartland States
Lesson 9: Mountain States 
Lesson 10: Southwest States
Lesson 11: Pacific Coast States
Lesson 12: Alaska and Hawaii

More Geography Activities

State Quarters Map
Geography Game 
Central America and Caribbean Island Song
Creating Maps with Kids
Learning to Follow a Map
Seterra - Free Geography Quiz Game
Exchanging Postcards
Exchanging Postcards and Alphabetizing 
Talking USA Puzzle
Geography Puzzles
Creating a Map to Scale
Rice Maps
Cookie Maps
Glitter Maps
Salt Dough Maps
Following Mozart's Travels
A Package from Gambia


Venice, Italy


American Government

Election Week Lesson Plan
Election Math

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