Math can be a fun subject to study. Games, puzzles, crafts, manipulatives and activities bring real-life application to mathematical concepts. Many of these games and activities are enjoyed by children of a wide range of ages. Please use the age/grade category as a rough guideline.

Hands-On Math Books
Math Resources
Importance of Skip-Counting 
How to Teach Math Without a Curriculum


Math Art

Symmetric Monsters
Platonic Solids 
Math Art for Middle Schoolers
Shapes and Money Designs
Roman Mosaics - Symmetry
Potholders - Kids Weaving Project
Potholders - One Step Beyond the Basics
Holiday Stars
Math Art for First Graders
Fibonacci Spirals and Rabbits
Tessellation - Creative Math Art Activity

Reflection Symmetry
Rotation Symmetry

Dividing a Circle into Eight Sectors
Spider Web Mandala Tutorial
Four Star Mandala Tutorial 
Mandala Geometry Challenge - Middle School
Mandala Geometry Challenge - Elementary School 
Concentric Circle Mandala 
Perpendicular Bisector
Four Segment vs Six Segment Mandalas 
Math and Mandala 
Dividing a Circle into Five Sectors
Pictures of Many Mandalas

Geometric Design
Geometric Design - Shapes in Circles 
Geometric Design - Seven-Circle Patterns 
Geometric Design - Shapes in Five- Circle Grids
Math Art Designs

Paper Folding Math Art
20 Point Origami Star Tutorial 
Origami Icosahedron
Origami Icosahedron Version II 

Math Games

Home Game Library 
Gaming and Critical Thinking
Two-Digit Multiplication Game
Math Games and Activities - Uno, Black Jack 21, Making a Calendar
Speed! - The Right Age to Begin
Lost Cities - Mental Math Game
Farkel - Place Value Game
Cribbage - Addition Game
Game of Life
Gin Rummy
Thirteen - Adding Game
Speed! - Skip Counting Game
Roman Numeral Bingo
Sumoku - Addition and Division Game 
Settlers of Catan - Strategy and Statistics
Love Letter 
Claim It
Unexploded Cow


Distance, Area, Volume

Lesson 1 - Making Manipulatives
Lesson 2 - Measuring Distance, Area and Volume
Lesson 3 - Distance - Measuring Penny 
Lesson 4 - How Big is an Acre? 
Lesson 5 - Volume Units 
Lesson 6 - Perimeter Activities 
Lesson 7 - Area of Squares, Rectangles and Triangles 
Lesson 8 - Area of Isosceles Triangles 
Lesson 9 - Area of Trapezoids 
Lesson 10 - Area of Straight-Sides Shapes 
Lesson 11 - Volume in Millimeters



Basics of Economics
Economics Game - Snakes and Donuts
A Middle Ages Market
Economics Story Books
Teaching Elementary Kids to be Financially Responsible
Richard Maybury Books 


Pre-School - Kindergarten

Calendar Project 
Shapes - Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Circles 
Creative Math for Kindergarten
Pattern Hunt
Square Numbers
Adding and Subtracting - Keeping Columns Straight
Learning 3D Shapes - Magnetic Toy
Free 100 Number Grids
Jelly Beans for Sale - Counting Money
Hands-On Math - Laundry
The Dot Game
Magna Tiles - Flat Patterns
Going to the Store at Home - Counting Money


First - Third

Sorting Objects into Categories
Measuring House Height without Getting on the Roof
Power of Ten Activity
Dance, Aerobics and Math? 
Active Pattern Activity
Cuisenaire Rods - Introduction 
Skip-Counting with Cuisenaire Rods
Multiplication - 10's and 1's with Cuisenaire Rods
Multiplication and Square Numbers with Cuisenaire Rods
Multiplication and Estimating with Cuisenaire Rods 
Algebra with Cuisenaire Rods
Cuisenaire Rods and Speed!
Cuisenaire Rod Patterns 
Simple Math Manipulatives 
Patterns in Knitting
Multiplication Circles - Free Printable
Pythagoras and the Ratios
Multiplication Bead Tower
Six Great Math and Music Apps
Election Math
Estimation Activities
Estimating - Time, Distance, Weight
Catapult Math
Bow and Arrow Math - Averages 
English Christmas Pudding - Weight, Volume
Measuring - Vitruvian Man and Leondardo Da Vinci 
Sorting and Patterns at the Beach


Fourth - Sixth

Function Machine
Translating Patterns into Different Medium
Visible Fractions
Place Value Activity (Decimals)
The Man Who Counted - Making Numbers with 4's
Math Designed to Make Kids Think
Multiplication with Napier's Bones
Hands-On Pre-Algebra
Developing Algebraic Formula for Patterns
Free Probability Lesson
Understanding Distance
Area of a Triangle
Multiplying Fractions
Selling Ice Cream
Secret Codes
Scale Models
Intro to Computer Programming - Scratch
Computer Programming - Scratch Basics
Math Art with Scratch
Grids, Maps and Scaling
Estimating at the Garden Store
Long Division
Shadow Math - Line Graphing
Target Practice - Line Graphing and Some Algebra
Quilting - Great Math Activity
Life of Fred - Math Curriculum
Is Life of Fred Enough? 
How We Use Life of Fred
Dance Patterns


Seventh and Up

Math Art for Middle Schoolers
Pattern Explorer

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