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We love crafts. We especially like the kind which involve fabric, fiber or yarn. Please take a look to find some fun ideas. I only listed crafts in one category, so be sure to scan the list. Almost everything, with the exception of a few knitting and sewing crafts, were made by the kids.


Op Art

Op Art for Kids - 1
Op Art for Kids - 2
Worm Op Art Project 
Never Ending Shapes 
Op Art Hand

Perspective Techniques

One-Point Perspective - Introduction
One-Point Perspective - City Scapes 
One-Point Perspective - Drawing from Photos 
Drawing People in Perspective 
Drawing People in Proportion 
Bird's Eye View Perspective Drawings 
Bird's Eye View Perspective Part 2
Drawing Shadows in Perspective

Painting and Coloring

Negative/Positive Balanced Art 
Negative Space Art
Embroidery and Waldorf Form Drawing Inspired Art
Take a Line for a Walk 
Painting Big Faces
Human Body Unit - Fingerprints
Winter Tree Silhouettes 
Painting in Shades 
Painting Shaded Hearts for Valentine's Day
Rainbow Painted Silhouettes 
Zentangle - Doodling with Directions
Anderson Art Lessons

Art History

Andy Warhol - Soup Cans (iPhones)
Norman Rockwell - Christmas Cards and Magazine Covers
Romero Britto - Dinosaur Art Project
Paul Klee -  Buildings with simple Geometric Shapes
Paul Klee - One Line Person Drawings
Van Gogh Oil Pastel Sunflowers 
Van Gogh Self Portrait
Picasso Watercolor Faces 
Giotto Egg Yolk Paint 
Botticelli Tondos (Rounds) 
Albrecht Durer - Hands 
Bernhard Hoyes - Dancing Ladies
Katie Books by James Mayhew
Art Appreciation Curriculum
Fine Art Detective Book 
The History of Modern Art 
Ancient Egyptian Art 
Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers 
Gustav Klimt - Scratch Art Trees 
Antonio Gaudi - Mosaics 
Edward Lamson Henry - Genre 
Rembrandt - Self-Portrait 
Australian Dot Painting

Math Art - Visit our Math Page

Home Decor Modern Art

Geometric Wall Hanging
Circle Wall Hanging
Sponge Art 
Circles and Squares 


Renaissance Music Study
Free Piano Lessons for Kids
Music Curriculum
Our Music Curriculum 2013
Musical Themed Picture Books
Using Music as the Common Theme Between Activities

Preschool Crafts

Mosaic Pictures
Origami Boxes
Building with Sugar Cubes
Can a Four Year Old Needle Felt?
Spring Crafts with Paper
Hedgehog Craft
Pipe Cleaner Critters
Fuse Beads
Drawing Pictures
Sticky Mosaics
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
Paper Whistle
Artwork Printing Craft
Painted Bumble Bee from Wood
Tie Dye Greeting Cards
Clothes Pin Flower Fairies

Crafts Ages 5 and Up

Bottle Cap Necklaces
Food Collages
Book Binding
Simple Doll Skirt
Peg Loom Knitting 
Yarn Doll Tutorial
Make a Fabric Box
Beaded Headdresses
Make Your Own Jump Rope
Custom Bookmarks
Japanese Chord Braiding
Group Drawing Project
Needle Felting
Tie Dye Summer Clothes
No Sew Skirt
Friendship Bracelets
Bottle Cap Wreath 
Rubber Band Crafts 
Rubber Band iPhone Case

Sewing Ages 5 and Up

Lavender Sachet - Beginning Sewing
Simple Hat and Mittens for Stuffed Animals
Fabric Crayons
Plastic Needlepoint Hearts
Flower Pony Tail Holders
Fabric Flowers
Fabric Flowers Version 2 
Easy Felt Flower
More Fabric Flowers
Yo-Yo Dolls
Scythian Hats 
Handmade Shoes
Doll Clothes - Beginning Sewing Project 
Doll Clothes - A Little More Difficulty
Little Kids Sewing Kits
Stuffed Animal Hat

Sewing Ages 8 and Up

Fleece Animal Hats
Ruffle Brimmed Flower Hats
Doll Clothes - Creative Design
Handmade Pooh and Friends
Quilting with Kids
Quilting - Great Picture Books
Quilting - Great Math Activity 
Fabric Flower Quilt
Handmade Dolls 
Braided Rug
Simple Applicae 
Crazy Cut T-Shirts

Sewing Parent/Child Projects

Learning to Sew - Red Polka Dot Dress
American Girl Doll Dress
Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Our Weekly Sewing Summer Projects 2016

Sewing Adult

Storage for Knitting and Crochet Needles
Little House on the Prairie Dress

Paper Crafts

Folding Paper Stars
20 Point Origami Star Tutorial


Circle Weaving
More Advanced Potholder Designs
Simple Cardboard Looms
Abstract Weaving 
Card Weaving
Paper Baskets 
Basket Weaving


Boshi Hats 
Hats - Knitting vs Crochet
Crocheted Bookmark
Beaded Socks
Modified Crochet Hat Pattern 
Free-Form Rug Canvas Crochet Purses

Knitting Ages 8 and Up - Beginner

Amos's Sweater - Peg Loom Knitting
Fuzzy Baby/Kid Hats
Tulle on Top Knit Hat
Simple Square Hat with Pom-Poms 
Home Spun Knitted Hats
Patterns in Knitting 
Knit American Girl Clothes
Knit Leg Warmers - Beginning Knitting Project
Cute Knitted Animals 
Flowery Knitted Hat 
Felted Slipper Pattern

Knitting Advanced

Mock Cable Hat
Yarn Weight vs Needle Size
Stonehenge Crazy Yarn Hats
Needle Felted Hedgehog Sweater 
Knit Hedgehog
Knit Monster 
Lacy Pink Baby Sweater
Kindle Case
Fair Isle Hat and Mittens - Set 1
Fair Isle Hat and Mittens - Set 2
Dancer Hat
Fair Isle Sweater
Leukemia and Knitting
Striped Sweater from Home Spun Yarn
Christmas Tree Hats
Sideways Chunky Yarn Cable Knit Hat


Sheep Shearing
Spinning Wool into Yarn - 1
Spinning Wool into Yarn - 2
Silk - From Cocoon to Rug
Fiber Festival Field Trip


Celtic Jewelry
Homemade Jewelry
Heart Bracelet


Custom Photo Clocks

Stone Carving

Soapstone Carving 


Photography Lesson Plan
Free Photo Editing Unit Study

Holiday Crafts

Easter Chick Craft
Fourth of July Crafts
Halloween Shirt
Halloween Pumpkins
St. Martin's Day Lanterns
Thanksgiving Turkeys
Handmade Christmas Gifts
Holiday Stars
Preschool Christmas Crafts 
Needle Felted Christmas Figures

For more crafty ideas check-out my history page. Each week we do a crafty project based upon a history theme. So far we have studied the Celts, Vikings, Scythians, Chinese, and Greeks.

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