Well I didn't realize how many food posts I had before putting together this page. What can I say? We have been tasting our way through Europe and History!

Viking Feast

Cooking Around the World

America - Grilled Cheese
France - Souffle
France - Crepes
China - Cooking Sushi with Kids
Germany - Schnitzel 
India - Falooda
Mexico - Flan
Mexico - Tomales
Sweden - St. Lucia Buns 
Greece - Greek Salad
Kitchen on a Cruise Ship

Historic Food Adventures

Making Jam
Ancient Chinese Tea Party
Alfred the Great of England Cakes
Viking Feast 
Celtic Food
Celtic Feast
Ancient Greek Food 
Cookie Maps  
Historical Food Adventures

Holiday Food Adventures

Healthy Valentine's Day Snacks
St. Patrick's Week - Green Foods 
Leprechaun Juice 
Pumpkin Oatmeal
Making English Christmas Pudding
Serving English Christmas Pudding

Traveling in Europe - Food Experiences

Belgium Food
Czech Food 
Czech Beer
Spanish Food
Italian Food
Italian Wine
Italian Deserts
Italian Horse Meatballs
Austrian Food
Steigl Brauerei
Turkish Food

French Food

Crepes and Quiche 
Crepes in Paris 
French Sandwiches

German Food

German Junk Food 
German Bakery Treats
German Sandwiches
German Cake
Big Pretzels
St. Martin's Day Pretzels
Chocolate Santas
Baum Kuchen
Gingerbread Hearts
Honey House
Tube of Mustard?
Apfel Schole, Sekt and Mineral Wasser 
Zwiebelkuchen and Neuwein
Pfanne Kartoffeln
Grumbeerpannkuche und Abbelschmeer
Making Apple Juice
Wooden Cutting Boards
Drinking Beer in the Grocery Store
Corn Harvest
Pear Trees
Fresh Fruit
Wine and Grapes
Wine and Schnapps
Apples for Sale
Free Range Healthy Animals

Cooking with Kids

Try a Cookie Press
Trail Mix
Stinging Nettle Tea
Lima Bean Soup
French Toast
Kids Cooking Breakfast
Apple Crisp
Raw Applesauce and more Apple Crisp
Flourless Chocolate Cake
Breakfast Burritos
Pretzel Sticks
Corn Bread
Steamed Brown Bread
Sweet Potato Buns
Bean Avocado Pizzas
Key Lime Mousse
Tuna Casserole
Bean Soup
Tomato Soup
Chicken Soup 
Consider Goggles when Onions Bother your Eyes
Green Juice

How to Start Eating Healthy - Simple Dietary Changes for Families

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  1. This is a MEGA list! I can't believe you wrote all of these.


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