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I recently attended a few different Homeschooling Conventions and feel regenerated. Have you ever created lapbooks with your children?

Bird Lapbook

When my kids were little we stumbled upon an organization that studied and banded birds. The kids visited often and we learned a lot about birds. During the process of our bird study, my daughter created a bird lapbook.

I have seen many lapbook kits available for purchase on the internet, but that is not how she created her lapbook. I purchased a blank file folder and printed out many pictures of birds from our visits to the bird banding station. Then my daughter and I cut out, rearranged and assembled many different little "books" to write in and glue in the notebook. Each "book" contained a different type of information such as:

How do birds fly?
What do birds eat?
Song birds vs Water birds

At the homeschooling convention I spoke with a vendor selling a reading comprehension product called Comprehension Kids. Her program was for young elementary children and teaches kids to ask questions before reading such as "what do you think will happen?".

She also recommended products created by Dinah Zike called Foldables. To me, Foldables look a lot like what we did when creating the bird lapbook. She says that Foldables work very well for visual and kinesthetic learners and they help kids and adults to graphically organize information. She has tons of different products ranging from simple time/money/fraction download printables to books that would work for many different history, science and literature studies.

I was excited about this product because it is new to me and I can see it having great application especially for families who have had success with lapbooking methods of homeschooling. Check it out.

With many sites on-line it is often difficult to determine who is making money from what and this bothers me. Therefore, I want to be perfectly clear and let you know that with this blog I don't make any money for recommending this product or most of the products I recommend. I do make an extremely small amount of money (about $10/month) if you click and place an order for something I recommend on amazon through this blog. The only exception is the card game Speed! that I developed and the book Johnny's Jelly Bean Tacos written by my husband. I hope you enjoy this recommendation and the others I have made as they have worked well for me and my family throughout our homeschooling adventure.

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