Raising Backyard Chickens - Introduction

My son is raising chickens.

After purchasing fresh eggs from a local farmer while living in Germany my son became interested in chickens. His need to fill his belly (eggs) is what really drew him to the chickens. We continued to walk to the farmers house for our weekly eggs and during each visit he would spend more and more time watching and interacting with the hens. As time passed his interest only grew.

It didn't take him long to decide that he wanted to raise his own chickens, but we were temporary residents and living in a rented house. The timing definitely wasn't right to jump in, but it was perfect to begin learning what was required to raise chickens.

For two years my son watched countless youtube videos on chickens, coop building, raising chicks, buying equipment....... Anything to do with chickens, he watched it.

I of course thought his interest would be short term, but after two years of watching him research and listening to him question owners and tell me all about raising chickens, I knew the only way to satisfy him would be to get him some chickens.

Last May we moved to Michigan, and finally moved into a house in October. Ironically we moved to a house very close to my parents. So being familiar with the neighborhood,we were shocked to learn that three of the neighbors were already raising chickens.

We had another stroke of luck when one neighbor asked my son to care for his chickens while he took a long vacation to Florida. The trial run let him experience what was really involved in caring for chickens. His interest didn't let up.

Fortunately, our new house came with a dog house. My husband and son had the winter months and early spring to get the dog house converted into a coop.

While writing this post I am proud to say that my son calls me grandma. He is the proud papa of 13 chickens.

Over the next several weeks I will create a series of posts focused on chickens and the numerous lessons learned raising them. This hands-on experience has been fun for the entire family.

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  1. How neat! Years from now he's going to talk about how much you supported his passions; that's just priceless.

  2. Oh yay! We are raising chickens too! My 8 year old named his rooster Eragon and just adores him. I can't wait to read your posts on how everything is going with your son's passion.


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