Last Great Ice Age - Evolution Unit Study

Evolution Unit Study

Lesson 10: The Last Great Ice Age

At the end of the last great ice age humans made an extraordinary journey which brought them to a new continent. Several theories explain how humans could have come to live in the Americas, but scientists and historians currently lack the evidence to know with certainty. Rather than explain how humans evolved, the video linked below describes how early humans lived. During the time when wooly mammoths roamed the planet, these early humans would have likely been the prey of saber toothed cats. 

Around the end of the last ice age an extinction event occurred which wiped out the mammoths, saber toothed cats and other ice age creatures. It devastated human populations, but didn't destroy human life. Many scientists believe an asteroid hit the United States in the area of Ohio, but since impact was atop of a glacier, there is no crater evidence.

 We kept our hands-on activities in connection with our evolution study very simple. When studying the ice age, we simply added pictures of extinct ice age creatures to our timeline.

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