Bike Tinkering - Handicrafts for Boys

Exposing children to a variety of handicrafts can help them to develop lifelong hobbies. In addition, these hobbies encourage learning. As their level and interests advance they are compelled to seek new resources. They research their hobbies on the internet, check-out books from the library and seek out experts with knowledge to help them grow.

Sewing, knitting, basket weaving and spinning wool into yarn have all been big hits to get my girls involved in a hobby. My mom is an expert in everything yarn and fabric related, and I'm not too bad myself, but my son has not been interested.

Around three years ago he became very interested in plants and seeds. He learned how everything grows and I mean everything. He figured out how to extract a pine seed from a cone which resulted in a baby tree, and learned that the skin has to be removed from citrus seeds in order for them to sprout.

From there, everything became related to chickens. Over the past two years he watched every Youtube video pertaining to raising chickens, coop building, breads, and more. In a few weeks we should be moving into our own house in the US, so in the spring he will finally be able to raise his own.

This year a new handicraft was added to his school to-do list and he loves it.

Bike Tinkering.

Over the summer we acquired three free bikes that work, but not well. Basically they have shifting and break issues probably from having been left out in the rain. He is determined to make them work. Since I don't know much about bike repair, he is working this one on his own. He's researched on the internet, replaced break and shifting lines, disassembled and cleaned the gear/chain mechanism, talked to repair men at the local shop, and learned about screw sizes and lengths. It has been a super growing experience for him which he has really enjoyed. - Perfect for tactile learners!

Once two more screws are installed, the bike should be ready to go. Next on his list is sprucing up the other two bikes.


  1. Wow! I'm impressed. What brilliant hobbies. How exciting that you're back (already?) in the US. I hope the house move goes well.

  2. Yes. We're unpacking boxes. It's been a busy summer.


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