Scavenger Hunt with Elizabeth Enright

My daughter created her own clue scavenger hunt.

Elizabeth Enright's series of books is one of my favorites for pulling copywork. She was an author of children's books who painted pictures with her descriptive writing. Here are a few quotes from the Melendy Series of books.
He exerts a magnetic action which attracts soot, dust, egg stain, chalk marks, strawberry jam, and ink.

For breakfast today I was forced by circumstance to consume four eggs: two fried, two boiled.

The living room was full of things: tables, and lots of chairs, all with crocheted antimacassars; pictures and pennants and fans on the wall; a big meloeon at one end of the room with a very old sheet music on it; and in the wide doorway there were portieres all made of beads which rattled like rain on a tin roof when Mrs. Wheelwright brushed against them.

The Melendy series of four books follows a family of four children through life's adventures. We have enjoyed these books greatly and I can't recommend them loud enough.

The Saturdays (Melendy Quartet)
The Four-Story Mistake (Melendy Quartet)
Then There Were Five (Melendy Quartet)
Spiderweb for Two: A Melendy Maze (Melendy Quartet)

The main theme of the last book is a scavenger hunt. Two of the children decoded clues to figure out where the next clue was hidden. While reading this book my seven year old decided to create a scavenger hunt for her sister.

 On small slips of yellow paper she wrote clues to lead to the next clues and then hid them in the appropriate places. The above photos shows one of her clues hidden on the door handle.

Yeah! She decided to create this activity on her own. Not only did it involve some creativity and logical thinking, but it also involved lots of writing. It's such a great idea I wish I could claim it, but the honor goes to my 7 year old daughter.


  1. I think it says a lot about you that she was able to develop this. Honor to both of you! Thanks for the book recommendation too!

  2. When I read your daughter created a scavenger hunt I thought it was your oldest. Well done Jemma! Very creative. I shall have to check out the book series. The copywork quotes are splendid. "Antimacassar" is one of my favourite words.


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