Fleece Animal Hats

We sewed animal hats from fleece fabric.

Sewing is a good skill to have but finding appropriate and interesting projects can be a challenge. These hats were simple enough for the kids to sew with only a little assistance, and great for learning since many steps were involved.

The Simplicity Misses and Childs Hats Sewing Pattern 1953, Size A (S - L / S - L) contains directions for creating five different animal hats. (frog, cat, monkey, owl and panda).

 First the patterns were cut. Next they were pinned to fleece and the fleece was cut.

Once all the pieces were available, the face was constructed and the hat was sewn into a circle. Pom-poms, braids, or tassels were created to hang from the hat.

The inner lining and outer hat were sewn together with the ears and tassels in place and then turned right-side out.

The hats were tested for size. The large version of the pattern was in fact very large. A small or medium would fit most people and a small is best for a child.

For more easy ideas to get kids started sewing, please see our Arts and Crafts Page.

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