Polish Pottery Poetry Tea Time - Free Verse Poetry

We wrote free verse poetry.

Last April Powol Packets hosted a poetry contest for kids. Throughout the month participating bloggers wrote articles about types of poems and literary elements in poetry. Although the contest is finished, the excellent poetry resources created are great inspiration for poetry tea time.

Not All Poems Rhyme - This article gives simple instructions and explains free verse poetry.

 Step 1 - Write about something that inspires you.

We completed this lesson after just returning from a trip to Boleslawiec, Poland, a town famous for its pottery.

We traveled by tour bus, but got a great tip on a hotel - The Blue Beetroot - should we ever decide to return on our own and stay the night.

I usually write along side the kids and then we all share what we've written. Here's my free verse poem.

Pottery Blue
Pottery Blue
Cups, platters and plates
Stacked to the ceiling
   One - Perfectly Made
   Five - Decoration Only
Customers crowding the shops

Geometric patterns
Perfected line art practiced for hand-writing prep
L's, S's and E's, diamonds and swirls

Peacock tail feather spots
A white circle with dot
A red dot, inside a green ring, inside a white circle, surrounded by blue

Five flower petals
Eight petals and leaves
All stamped in a regular ring around the middle
Hand-made in Poland - Boleslawiec


  1. Thank you for your kind comment yesterday, and for the links you left.
    I love all these country themed poetry tea parties everyone is holding. Hwee just recently did a Chinese one. Great stuff, and I like you poem!

  2. I always write alongside my kids too. You put together such great poems and songs. I like your free verse.


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