Perspective Drawings from a Bird's Eye View

My daughter created bird's eye view perspective drawings.

Art is a subject that is actually very related to math. Mechanical drawing, a technique used to create engineering drawings in order to produce parts combines both skills. Looking at great works of art there are obviously mathematical relationships which govern which way lines must be drawn to fade away into the background. With geometric objects these rules are distinct and easily explained. Mastering the rules with simple objects like buildings leads to applying the same rules to irregular objects such as hills and trees. 

This four minute video explains the basics of bird's eye view perspective.

Unfortunately the camera shakes horribly in the video below, but we liked the way the buildings were drawn in many different shapes. It made for an interesting finished drawing.

After watching the above videos, my 12 year old daughter was able to build on her perspective drawing skills and create a bird's eye city view.

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  1. I really enjoy these posts about teaching perspective - I hope someday to be able to use your experiences - for me & the kids! Thanks for sharing :)


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