Eating Flowers

When we were in Turkey we saw fields of artichokes. Unfortunately the view was from a tour bus window. I would have liked a closer look.

Stems, roots, flowers, leaves and seeds are all different parts of plants that are commonly eaten. We've spent a week eating specific parts of vegetables. It's a simple and fun way for kids to learn different plant parts. This week we focused on flowers and prepared artichokes. Cauliflower and broccoli were also possibilities, but since we eat them often artichokes seemed like more fun.

I steamed them in water until the petals could be easily removed and then we scraped off the flesh with our teeth.


  1. and the verdict of the taste of the artichoke was?

    1. I think they're a lot of work and not very filling. Scraping the flesh off the leaf with the teeth was a fun tasty experience.

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