Drawing from Photos - Perspective

We practiced perspective drawing by creating drawings based on photos.

Drawing one point city view perspective drawings proved to be a challenging activity. Before moving onto vanishing points in different locations and drawings with more than one vanishing point, we practiced what we have learned so far.

First, I looked through many photos and selected several that had either roads, paths or canals vanishing into the background at a point near the center. Then the kids each selected a photo to use as a base for a drawing.

 My 10 year old son selected this photo, but wanted a tropical climate.

He drew the path and fence, but then changed the northern deciduous trees to palm trees.

My 12 year old daughter selected this photo in which the path vanishes into a tunnel in the side of the hill.

Venice was such a picturesque city, that I selected a scene from there. Art is not my strong point, so I'm learning along with the kids.

Please stay tuned to Highhill Education as many more entertaining and educational activity posts are planned for the summer.


  1. This is a good idea. As a kid I really enjoyed perspective drawings, but was also frustrated because I felt that my work looked cartoony in the end. Drawing from real life helps sort out how curving lines and non-geometrical shapes look within a perspective drawing. Good work!

    1. It was fun, but turned out to be too much a challenge for my 7 year old. I think we'll try again next year.


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