Schnitzel - Cooking German Food

Living in Germany, we have had the chance to try many schnitzels. In fact it has become one of the kids favorites so we had to try cooking it at home.

Schnitzel is a traditional German dish made from meat (pork, turkey, chicken are the most common), tenderized with a hammer, usually breaded and fried. In restaurants it is often served with a choice of sauces (gravies). Mushroom and cream are the most popular.

My oldest had some daddy time as they worked together to make schnitzel.

My husband hammered the meat. When Jemma was in the hospital we watched one of the mothers of another patient prepare schnitzel. She hammered the snot out of the meat. (That's a quote from my husband.) Our room was down the hall and we could hear her hammering from there.

My daughter prepared the egg and bread crumb plates.

Our schnitzel was served with zucchini bread and cucumbers. Cucumbers are very popular here. They were served with each Friday breakfast in the hospital and at every German potluck I have attended. Zucchini bread on the other hand, is a family favorite, not a German food.

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  1. We love schnitzel in our house too ... I think the kids may even like saying the word more than eating it! I used to sometimes have issues with the bread coating sticking to the bottom of my pan or coming off but have started placing a piece of baking paper the same size circle as the bottom of my pan and no more sticking ... love it!

    Would really love that zucchini (courgettes in NZ) bread recipe; sounds awesome.

  2. Looks delicious - I always thought schnitzel was made with pork - I feel more inclined to try it with chicken.


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