Best Easy Chapter Books

When kids begin reading there is a distinct transition period where they move from reading primarily picture books to chapter books. For most kids the jump to chapter books is a significant challenge and introducing easier chapter books helps to fill that gap. Here are our favorite transition, or easy chapter books.

The Littles are tiny people with tails. The biggest among them is six inches tall. There are trash tinies who live in garbage dumps, forest tinies who live in the woods, and the main characters which are the house tinies. They live in the houses of big people.

Abel's Island (Newbery Award & Honor Books) Abel is a mouse who gets stranded on an island and tries many ways to get off the island.
The Big Wave focuses on the after effects of a tsunami that strikes a small village in Japan. One boy left without a family is taken in by friends. Although he struggles with the loss of his family, he eventually overcomes his mental state and chooses to live again.

A Lion to Guard Us tells the story of immigrant children who board a ship headed for America to find their father. During their journey they encounter some shady folks who try to take their most precious possession.

Set in the Netherlands during World War II The Little Riders is a story about a family who protects the church clock tower figures from the enemy. 

26 Fairmount Avenue (Newbery Honor Book, 2000) is one book in a chapter book series by Tomie De Paola. In the loosely autobiographical series, Tomie talks about art lessons in school, first movies, dance lessons, acting in the school play and how World War II changes life for him and his family.


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  1. I loved the Littles when I was younger :) What a great idea!!! I haven't heard of some of the others so I better check them out soon!


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