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We are a family of readers who love story books, with rich language that teach. Over the next several weeks I'm doing a series of posts about our favorite books.

The Story of Doctor Dolittle is very popular, but did you know there are several books in the series? In each book the good doctor talks to the animals and has interesting adventures. In one book a seal in a circus was lonely and wanted to go back to the sea. After dressing her up as a lady they went on a bus and had a chat with other passengers. When they finally reached the ocean he threw her in, but his troubles weren't over, because he was soon accused of drowning his wife.

Oz, the Complete Hardcover Collection is the series of books that follows the well known movie The Wizard of Oz. As the series continues new mythical creatures are introduced as well as sweet little children. In the Marvelous Land of Oz, the little boy Tip made a Gump from two couches and pillows. When magic powder was sprinkled on the Gump he came to life and flew around.

The Complete Little House Nine-Book Set

From making maple syrup, to playing ball with a pigs bladder Laura Ingalls Wilder tells her pioneering life story in this series of books. Each one is different. One winter the town nearly starves and another the grasshoppers eat all the crops. Life is full of hardship and good times which come through in vivid detail in a way that is educational and entertaining to children and adults.

On the top of my Reading and Arts Page there is a link to my huge book list which is the main source I use to select books for my family to read.

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