Speed! - Skip-Counting by Twos

Kids as young as four are learning to skip-count by playing Speed!.

The ability to skip-count makes learning multiplication much easier. Susan, a homeschooling mom who purchased Speed! less than two weeks ago made my week by emailing me this sweet story and video of her son skip-counting by twos.  

"I just wanted to thank you for creating Speed!  Here is a video of our son, aged 4 years, from tonight.  He is counting by twos in sequence for the second time--the first time being just before I grabbed the Ipad.  This is a direct result of your game!  He insists on playing Speed! every night, and he loves beating his daddy. He's starting in on Three Speed. It's really amazing!"

Susan uses the Montessori approach of discovery in learning. Activities such as learning numeric symbols with the sandpaper numerals, "making ten" with the red and blue rods, learning to add and subtract with the red and blue rods, working with the golden bead material and manipulating numbers in the decimal system are just a few elements.

The set of Speed! cards contains decks for skip-counting by numbers two through nine. With young children it is often helpful to play Speed! using a regular deck of cards, with the kings, queens and jacks removed, where aces are one. This teaches the basic idea of the game. Susan did this and it was a great way of setting her son up for success with Two Speed. Now, after only two weeks, he's playing Three Speed.

"He's always enjoyed numbers, so that was a plus.  Your game, however, has taken him to another level."

Thank you Susan and all the other parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and teachers who have purchased Speed!

Happy Holidays 

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