Human Body - Week 23 - Bones

Week 23: We used ear cleaners to make a skeleton.

The human body contains 206 bones and many of them are in the hands and feet. Bones are not just there to hold us up, but are very much alive. They produce cells in the bone marrow and contain veins and nerves.

Two episodes of The Once Upon a Time Life series focus on bones.

The Bone Marrow

The Bones and the Skeleton

By watching the videos, the kids learned a lot about the functions of the bones and how they work. The kids at Gummy Lump studied bones and muscles using several different activities. I modified the bone activity slightly to create our activity.

Using the book Human Body (DK Eyewitness Books) the kids cut, bent, and glued ear cleaners onto an outline sketch of a person.

To create the outline the kids traced around a doll.

She's working on the spine and rib cage.

The goal was for the kids to become familiar with major bones in the body and come away with a better understanding of what's inside.

The finished models were labeled and I was thrilled when my son helped his sister.

Hands-on activities from cells to the digestive system and more are all on our Science Page.

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