Mesopotamia History Co-op - Writing Assignments

Although this year the kids are writing about any topic they choose, last year they completed many writing assignments in conjunction with our Mesopotamia/Persia studies.

- Write about the differences between Viking, Celtic, Scythian and Persian houses.
- Write about clothing in ancient Mesopotamia. How was it made? What did they wear?
- Create a timeline for Mesopotamia detailing the six most important events. Illustrate your timeline.

- How did Sumerian inventions change the way people lived?
- What job would you like to have had in Sumer? Why?

Marsh Arabs
- Why can't people live on the Marshes in southern Iraq when there is no water?

Cyrus the Great
- What do you think are the five most important human rights every person should have? Why?
- Pretend you are interviewing Cyrus the Great. Write down at least five questions and his answers.

- Write about Darius' Canal in Egypt. Why was it significant? How did they build it?
- Pretend you are entering Persepolis for the first time. Describe in detail what you see.
- How were the Spartans different from the Persians?
- The Royal Road - Why was it important? How was it like the Pony Express? How is it like our modern highway system?
- Create a timeline detailing the events of the Battle of Marathon.

- Write about how Celtic Art is different from Persian Art.
- Write about how Celtic society is different from Persian society.
- Write about the most interesting Persian King.


  1. These are fantastic. Thank you for posting this.

    1. I'm glad you like these. There are more for the other cultures we have studied on my Language Arts Page. -


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