Xerses - Persia Unit Study - Weaving for Kids

Week 4: We wove Persian carpets.

Xerxes was the last great Persian king. His soldiers crossed from Asia into Europe across the Hellespont (Turkey) on a bridge of boats. When a storm broke up the first bridge, he had his soldiers whip the water to punish it. Unfortunately for Xerxes, his immortal soldiers, which were though invincible, were defeated by the Greeks. The brave 300 is one of the most famous Spartan stories from history.

After learning a bit about Xerxes, we read a legend about Persian carpets. In The Legend of the Persian Carpet the king is very sad after his prized diamond is stolen. He misses the beautiful rainbow patterns created when light was reflected through the diamond. Carpets were very important to the ancient Persians and are still very important today.

For our weaving project we managed to use five different style looms with six children. 

Here are two great videos for weaving on a simple cardboard loom.
Basic Weaving
Simple Patterns and Designs

The circular loom was created in a similar manner. There is a small hole in the center of the cardboard circle.

This wooden, store-bought loom is similar to the Harrisville Designs Pegloom.

This loom was created from a shoe box lid by adding slits in the top of the cardboard. It functions just as well as the wooden loom.

The Harrisville Designs Style A Easyweaver is a little more advanced. This loom can be used to create items such as scarves and table runners.

The completed weavings were used as doll blankets, wall hangings, and coin purses.

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  1. I love that you did weaving for Persia. I love weaving projects, but my boys are less enthusiastic. Perhaps if I used a different type loom, like the circular one. Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. What a lovely extension of your Persia Unit of Study. Thanks for linking this up to the Kids Co-Op. I'll be featuring your post in my fine motor activities roundup this week. xo P


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