Cell Unit Study - Week 12 - Tissues

Week 12: We built tissues.

When cells in our bodies get together they create tissues. Our bodies contain four different main types of tissues: epithelial, muscle, nervous and connective. Epithelial cells form the boundaries and exterior surfaces of parts within our bodies. When my daughter got a sudden fever back in August, it is possible that bacteria passed through her epithelial tissues. This doesn't normally happen, but her cells were very week from chemotherapy.

We have been following in chapter 1 in The Way We Work by David Macaulay as a reference for our cell activities.

Tissues are held together by anchor proteins, link proteins, bands of rods and membranes which are like a base of woven fibers. We used household materials to represent each of these elements.
Anchor Proteins = Clothes Pins
Link Proteins = Craft Sticks
Bands of Rods = Yarn
Membranes = Fabric
Cells = Peppermint Candies

Each child had several items to work with and was told to create a way for the cells to be held together so that their device could be carried into the other room and thrown back and forth in a game of catch. They were not allowed to for a bag from the materials and were required to incorporate each of the different materials into their design.

I sent each child to a different room so they could come up with unique solutions.

They each came up with different designs.

All the designs met the requirements.

They enjoyed this activity because they were able to do some engineering and they met the challenge.

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