Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Parenting and Unschooling

One of my friends here in Germany is new to homeschooling, but not new to parenting. Every time I talk to her I get new ideas about both. To me she seems to lean toward the unschooling method of homeschooling, so this topic has been on my mind. In the past I have read a lot about the unschooling method, and agree with much of the philosophy. Personally, I have not made the leap into unschooling with my family.

One of my favorite unschooling resources is the web site Joyfully Rejoycing. It actually covers parenting and unschooling topics and ties them together. I love the way the author writes about chores from the child's perspective and then goes on to explain how parents can get willing help from their children.

When my kids aren't in school they are unschooled right? It is so interesting to see what they will do with their time. My girls usually choose crafty activities while my son putters around drawing, making paper computers, learning to use the buttons on his keyboard, and exploring tools like Google sketch-up. I am very interested in these types of activities and even created Homeschool Hobbies and Handicrafts, a blog hop to showcase what kids choose to do with their time.

John Holt is considered the father of the unschooling method. He has written several books on the topic. Following the philosophy takes a lot of strength from the parents who do it, and I admire those who unschool successfully.

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