Learning to Sew - Red Polka-Dot Dress

After several requests from my five year old, I agreed to help her sew a dress. She did surprisingly well with this challenging project.

I pinned the pattern pieces to the fabric and she cut them out.

I did all the pinning and she sewed all the straight seams. This dress had several. After she got going she was able to make the machine go forward and backwards, as well as start and stop on her own.

Since the zipper and arms were a bit more of a challenge I sewed those parts. I also added the ribbons she chose. What impressed me most about this project was her ability to stick with it. It took about four days of work spread over a month of time.

This is my little girl that wants one of everything, so I am glad she was able to see and participate in the hard work it takes to make a dress.

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  1. What a wonderful project to work on together, and it turned out beautifully!

  2. od wow! That is beautiful! I can't wait to sew with my little girls. Thanks for linking to Science Sparks xx

  3. Very impressive! I'm amazed that she stuck with it and made the majority of the dress herself. My 6 year old just made some mini curtains for her AG doll "room" (corner of her room). She was so proud of herself!
    Thanks so much for linking up at Real Family Fun.


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