Speed! on the iPad and iPhone

iPad/iPhone Version

Are you looking for educational apps? Speed! is a fast-paced card game that teaches skip-counting. Two players compete against each other to be the first to get rid of their cards, but they must watch-out...... if the number in the middle is the same they must be the first to shout Speed!, otherwise they will get all the played cards added to their stack. Skip-counting is a fundamental math skill that leads right into multiplication. Kids love to play this game because it's fun, but parents like it because it's educational.

Speed! is available as physical cards, an iPad app or an iPhone app.

On the iPad players begin as a Trainee and can advance through the levels to become a Legend. With five levels to pick from and eight numbers to skip-count this game will keep kids entertained for hours. They don't realize how much they are learning because they are busy trying to win. The Lite version is free and contains the Two Speed deck of cards at all levels while the Full version costs only 99 cents and contains card decks Two Speed through Nine Speed.

To find Speed! in the App Store switch the category to education and then search on
  • Speed, math
  • Speed, highhill
  • Speed, multiplication

Then download it and have fun playing! (Be sure to let the kids have a turn.)

Speed! Instructions

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