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Do you have any kids learning multiplication?

Kids love it because it's fun. 
Adults love it because the kids are learning. 

Speed! teaches skip-counting by 2's up to 9's using eight decks of cards. The game is based on the traditional card game called Spit or Speed where two players race to be the first one to get rid of their cards. Skip-counting (by threes for example: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, etc) leads directly into multiplication as the numbers in the deck are the answers to the multiplication problems.

By playing the game kids not only learn to skip-count, but begin to unconsciously form number associations in their head. Therefore, when they are introduced to higher level math concepts, they tend to catch on quicker. For example, if they are asked to reduce the fraction 12/27 they will recognize that both of those numbers were in the Three Speed game. It is that association that is the key to reducing the fraction to 4/9.

For kids just getting started with multiplication (ages 4-6) I recommend beginning with the Two Speed or Five Speed decks as they are the easiest. From there, it's best to move on one deck at a time focusing on each one until the child is very fast at getting rid of his/her cards.

For kids who have already begun multiplication or are reviewing, they really enjoy trying out all the decks. It's still best to begin with Two-Speed or Five-Speed until the rules are understood, but then begin to move on to explore the other numbers. They will enjoy challenging friends, siblings and parents.

Parent Tip: If you have a young child that is motivated by winning, this game is perfect. During a game, when the cards in the center are the same the first person to shout "SPEED" gets to give the center stacks of cards to his/her opponent. Since the winner is the first to get rid of his/her cards, the first person to shout "SPEED" has a tremendous advantage. When my kids were young, I never noticed the matching numbers. Therefore, my kids always won.

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To learn more about the game including a video of it being played, please visit my Speed! page.

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