Brooder Cover for Chicks

The chicks can fly.
When the chicks were about two weeks old their wing feathers began to develop. The photo of the chick above shows a combination of down and a few wing feathers. As soon as the feathers began to develop, the chicks began trying them out. The would zoom across the tub gaining an inch of elevation. That same day we noticed them eyeing the top of the water and feeder.

The next day they were up on top.

 The following day they got a cover. This was another quick construction project for my son to practice his cutting and hammering skills, but also taught him a lesson in chick behavior.

 I love how this experience has contained such a variety of educational opportunities. In addition to building, caring for and watching the chicks grow, my son has been writing about the experience. Here is a link to his blog - Team Chicken - It would be wonderful if you stopped by and left him a comment to encourage him. - Thank You

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