Preparing for Chicks

A brooder is a space dedicated to raising young birds. Before our chickens arrived, my son prepared the brooder.

The large tub in the master bathroom finally had a use. It would serve as the chick brooder until the chicks grew old enough to survive outdoors. The base of the tub was covered with paper and the water outlets and drain were covered with cardboard so the chicks couldn't get into them.

Before the chicks arrived the brooder was prepared by purchasing feed, pine shavings, chick grit (little rocks for them to eat to help them digest their food), food and water feeders and a heat lamp.

Newborn chicks need air temperatures around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Each week the temperature can be lowered by five degrees until they are eight weeks old. Then they can be moved outdoors. A heat lamp was hung above the tub on a wire which could be shortened or lengthened to adjust the temperature.

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