Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dog House to Chicken Coop

My husband and son modified a dog house into a chicken coop.

From planning, to hammering, to using a saw; my son learned so much from this project This minor construction job enabled my son to experience all the steps involved in a construction project. They began with measuring and modeling, worked up material cost estimates, purchased materials, and then cut, hammered and installed materials.

Once the model was complete and the snow melted, construction, or rather demolition began.  The picture above shows the storage area. The floor of the storage area as well as the wall to the left was ripped out.

 Several boards were cut away to enlarge the door.

The inside area was much larger with the walls removed.

A list of materials was created before beginning construction.

 Tools were gathered.

 Insulation was placed on all interior walls.

 Two holes were cut in the roof and filled with vents.

Can you see the roof vent?

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