Make a Paper Gun

Tinkering and Learning

My son made a paper gun that actually shoots. It's pretty cool for just paper and glue, but it took quite a bit of adjusting to get it to work properly.

Tinkering is one of the main ways my son learns and therefore, there have been several posts on Highhill Education that involve tinkering and learning.

Bike Tinkering
Google Sketch-UP 
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More of these types of posts can be found on my Science Page. Especially towards the bottom when the activities become more engineering oriented and free form.

He began by watching How to Make a Paper Gun that Shoots - With Trigger on Youtube.

Next, he made a mess of the kitchen.

Then he rolled paper and used a hot glue gun to attach it together.

A few hours and adjustments later he had his paper gun.
Check out these great blogs full of educational activity ideas. 

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