Sunday, December 13, 2015

Making Cookies with an Engineer

My son (a little engineer) made peanut butter cookies with a cookie press.

Before my mom showed me this gadget, I had never even heard of a cookie press. Her's is over 35 years old, but here is a similar gadget available on amazon. Deluxe Cookie Press with Icing Gun

This way of making cookies was perfect for my son since he loves tinkering.

 First he read the directions and selected the peanut butter cookie recipe.

 After mixing the dough, he got to select one of the numerous inserts in which to create designs.

 He put the insert into the gadget and filled it with dough.

 Then the lid was screwed down.

 It took some muscle to get the dough to come out of the holes.

 But after just a little practice, the cookies were coming out quite nicely.

 They tasted good too. This would be a unique gift for a child.

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