Experimenting with Mylar Balloons

Did you know Mylar balloons will float after they seem to have lost all of their helium?

This is a fun experiment to try a few days after a birthday party.

Hold the balloon which no longer floats in the air over a heater or use a hair dryer to warm the helium inside the balloon.
 Bring the balloon outdoors and release it.

It should float up into the air and then come down once the air cools. My son's went up as high as the tree tops before falling. Remember this is an experiment. Wind could take the balloon far away and it may not be recoverable. If your child is young, you may want to try this experiment indoors.

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  1. What a neat and fun idea! I love this simple science experiment. Pinned.

  2. So neat! I brought home my molar that the dentist pulled out because "I wanted to show my 5 year old how a cavity in a tooth looked like" totally gross! But hands on learning is what's important ! #practicalmondays


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