Electrical Engineering for Middle Schoolers

We found a perfect electronics kit to use when kids outgrow Snap Circuits.

Elenco 300-in-One Electronic Project Lab is an electronics kit designed for kids. Unlike Snap Circuits which contains electrical components mounted to plastic pieces which easily connect on a snap board, this kit contains actual electronic components which connect on what engineers call a bread board.

A book full of explanations and project ideas is the key to getting started. Kids begin by reading about the functions of electronic devices such as resistors and capacitors. Next they learn to determine the ratings of the devices by decoding the markings. Then the project fun begins.

The first few projects include step-by-step instructions for connecting all of the wires and devices as well as a schematic and wiring diagram. Later projects include only the items true technicians have available. In other words, the kids learn to read the schematics and wiring diagrams and no longer need the step-by-step instructions to complete the projects.

My son and I completed the first project together: creating a chirping bird sound. It was very challenging and very educational. He is 11 years old and for him, this kit was quite advanced. My current electronics exploration plan is to spend some time together revisiting the snap circuits and then proceed onto this kit.

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  1. The Elenco Lab sounds perfect for my son after he finishes playing with Snap Circuits! I never heard about it before. Thank you for sharing. :-)


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