Rubber Band Loom - Helping Others

Now all the kids are creating objects with rubber band looms.

Spanning the ages of 7 to 13, both my girls and my son have been using rubber band looms non-stop. My 13 year old daughter loves crafts. Since the age of five she has been sewing, quilting and knitting. When my 7 year old began using her rubber band loom, I was surprised to find that my 13 year old also found it interesting. My son, on-the-other-hand, has never really gotten into crafts. Therefore it was even more surprising to find him creating with this loom.

Youtube is packed with project ideas and tutorials for rubber band looms.

My oldest, teaches piano lessons, so she decided to make a few treble clefs for her students.

Treble Clef Tutorial

Unfortunately, some of the tutorials my 7 year old tried ended in disaster. More than once her creations unraveled because she missed a step or made a mistake along the way.

Luckily however, my 13 year old is quickly becoming an expert. She has been able to correct her mistakes and save projects. Not only that, she has recommended easier projects which have been much more successful.

Present Tutorial

For more ideas to get kids crafting please visit my Arts and Crafts page.

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