Discover and Do - Hands-On Science for Kids

Two years ago we were using Discover & Do Science and now we're using it again!

Discover and Do is a science series on DVD. Kids watch a short segment (5 min) and then repeat what they have seen performing their own experiment. We usually push the pause button before the outcome of the experiment is revealed. Then watch to see if the results were the same. The series contains many topics such as weather, plants, air and water, human body, etc. each with around 30 experiments and can be used for around five years.

We completed most of the experiments a few years ago, but now that my son is older, he wanted to repeat some lessons. He's currently interested in the battery series and pops the videos in and does everything on his own.

In the above photos, he attached some wires, a light and batteries to a cardboard ring to make his own headlamp. He had some issues with the switch and was adjusting it as I took this photo. - Awesome!

I highly recommend this series for young elementary aged children.

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