Sunday, March 29, 2015

Building with Legos

Do you have a child who can't get enough of Legos? If you do, then I need some advice.

Legos promote building,

 and creativity.

Following the instructions included in the kits teaches kids about engineering drawings.

My kids like Legos, but they don't love Legos. 

Once a model is completed, it is displayed for a while.

...... but then what? What do you do with the Legos?

Question 1: To mix, or not to mix???????
If the kit pieces are mixed into a big box full of Legos it will be nearly impossible to put the kit together at a later time because finding the pieces will be difficult. If the pieces are left with the kit, there are lots fewer Legos to use.

Question 2: What are your kids creating with Legos?
The rooster and vehicle below the rooster were created without kit instructions. Mostly my kids create from kit instructions, but I think it would be good for them to design more on their own.

Question 3: Have you found any good books, videos or websites that motivate your kids to create with Legos?

I did a quick web search and found these two posts: 16 Awesome Uses for Legos and Use Legos in Creative Ways for Practical Household Solutions. If I show my son these two sites, we're sure to have a Lego potty.

What has been your experience with Legos?

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  1. Julie, I completely relate to your questions. My son plays in 2 ways: (1) He builds enormous, complex sets when he first gets them, then they get dismantled, put away neatly with their instructions, and never played with again, and (2) he has a box of plain Lego bricks with which he enjoys creating simple designs (monsters, swords etc, lots of imagination and mathematical thinking here). I have suggested that he incorporate the pieces from the large sets into his creative play, but he says he doesn't want to get them mixed up because otherwise he'd never be able to make the sets again. I can understand what he's saying, but I can also imagine us giving away the sets in a few years, never having been played with again! A problem of having too much Lego, perhaps?!


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