Mandala - Evenly Spaced Concentric Circles

We created a mandala by creating evenly spaced concentric circles.

The mandala shown below contains a series of concentric arcs. Constructing it by first creating concentric circles and then erasing the unused lines works well.

The trick was figuring out how to create concentric circles which increased by the same amount without measuring or guessing.

 The secret to evenly spaced circles is actually quite simple. After creating perpendicular lines which cross near the center of the paper, the compass should be set to a relatively small radius when compared to the paper. Beginning where the lines cross a series of tick marks are created along one access of the line. They are visible along the outer portion of the left axis in the above photo.

Next the compass radius is set to match each of the tick marks and circles are drawn.

Once the circles are all constructed, the 90 degree angles can be bisected and unneeded lines can be erased.

Other Mandala construction tutorials are available on our Math Page.

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