Mountain Making Activities for Kids

Week 32: We used dough to make a mountain forming model and silly putty to learn about the three stages of deformation.

Geologists search for clues to discover how the Earth was made in the How the Earth Was Made series of videos. Items such as rocks, fossils, ridges, and soil boring samples hold keys to the geological past. Mount Everest, The Alps and The Rockies episodes all feature the history of mountain making so were the perfect trio to accompany this lesson.

How Mountains Are Made (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2) is a children's book which explains how mountains are made with lots of pictures.

One way mountains are created is when tectonic plates push against each other forcing them to rise where they meet. To play with different scenarios we layered modeling clay and pushed the ends together 


Elastic, plastic and fracture are the three types of deformation. All three are part of the mountain formation process.

Elastic deformation is best demonstrated with a rubber band or a piece of elastic. After it is stretched it returns to its initial form.

Plastic deformation can be demonstrated by gently pulling silly putty apart. The putty changes shape, but does not break.

Fracture deformation happens when putty is pulled quickly apart.

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