Rotational Symmetry Art for Kids

We created rotational symmetric artwork.

Seeing Symmetry explains symmetry with images of cultural artwork and familiar objects in a way that's very easy to understand. After reading the short picture book we created our own rotational symmetric pictures.

Straight Edge
We began by setting our compasses to 3 inches and drawing a six inch line across the paper.

Placing the compass point in the center and on each endpoint of the line, four crossing tick marks were created.

Connecting the crossing tick marks through the center point of the line resulted in the figure above. The lines were drawn dark so they would show up in the photo, but are better created lightly and erased for the project.

Next, stencils were used to draw shapes and lines within the figure.

Whatever was done on on line hand to repeated five more times on the same side of the remaining lines.

Once the designs were complete they were colored with crayon, but I would recommend colored pencil for creating these designs as it's easier to stay within the lines.

My son's design contained six lines of symmetry and was rotationally symmetric.

More math art project ideas are available on our Math Page.

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