Venice Books for Kids

Venice is a city which was once a world leader. There are many wonderful children’s books that are fun to read which will make Venice come alive.

Papa Piccolo by Carol Talley is a story about a tom cat who likes to ride in the gondola boats in Venice. Stray cats and gondola boats are both a common site in Italy. This excellent picture book is great for ages 4 and up.
Carnival at Midnight by Mary Pope Osborne is a Magic Tree House Merlin Mission chapter book. Jack and Annie, the main characters, help to save Venice from a flood. Flooding is a common problem in Venice. This story is best for ages 7 and up.
Marco Polo by Russell Freedman tells the story of Marco Polo. Although much of this story is set in the land east of Venice, reading it will introduce children to the reason Venice flourished. Marco Polo was from Venice and trade was the purpose of his journey. This story is best for ages 9 and up.
Romeo and Juliette by William Shakespeare is a classic play. The story is set in the city of Verona which is about a one hour trip from Venice. The city of Verona has a tourist attraction known as Juliette’s house. Children’s versions of the story are best for the young.

The Lion of St. Mark by G.A. Henty is set in the fourteenth century during a time when Venice was a very important world city and involved in war. It is best for older children age 14 to adult.

Bravo, Zan Angelo!: A Commedia dell'Arte Tale is about a big performance during the carnival season.

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