Science Fair Project Ideas with Seeds

My son sprouted and planted many types of seeds.

Coming up with a project idea for a science fair can be overwhelming. Most science fairs require an experiment to be performed which answers a question and follows the scientific method. This is very different than creating a model to explain a scientific concept. Despite the fact that my son is very curious about seeds and continuously researching and experimenting, asking one question was difficult. After going through the science fair process, the questions he is answering with his experiments are much easier to see.

Which type of bean seeds sprout the quickest? Pinto, black, red or garbanzo
How long does it take bean seeds to sprout?
How do orange seeds sprout? (hint; there is a coating that needs to be removed from the seed)
How do coconut seeds sprout?
How long does it take for coconuts to sprout?
What sprouts fastest? lettuce, tomato, zucchini
What kind of soil do tomato seeds like? bean seeds like?
Do garbanzo bean sprouts grow better inside or outside in the spring?

Any one of the above questions would be great for a science fair project.

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