How Do Apple Trees Grow?

We read the book How Do Apples Grow? and then got a good look at an apple blossom.

The spring is a really great time to learn about apples. When the blossoms appear it is easy to see the girl and boy parts of the flowers. The stamens are the boy parts and are hollow like straws. They stand tall in the middle of the apple blossom. The pistols surround the stamens and are the pollen producing part of the flower.

The book How Do Apples Grow? explains how bees pollinate apple blossoms resulting in fruit. After we got a good look at the apple blossoms, we looked to see if we could find pistols and stamens on other flowers.

We could. They were easy to see on the tulips.

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  1. Lovely reminder to do a bit of nature explaining. Must remember to go through this with the younger two. You're right, it is a good time of year for it. #CountryKids

  2. Spring is a wonderful season with all the new life and growth and it's wonderful to be able to explore it in such detail. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. This is so awesome! my son asked me yesterday what butterflies eat and we talked about they go to flowers and the whole pollination topic. He loves it and would always look for butterflies and bees on flowers now =) #countrykids


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