One Point Perspective Art Project for Kids

We created one-point perspective drawings.

This year I've made a conscious effort to incorporate more art projects into our curriculum. In the past we have done an excellent job with crafts, but more traditional art using materials such as paper, colored pencils, paints, and crayons was been left behind. Not anymore. Here's another fabulous resource.

The video Art with Alex, One-Point Perspective is an excellent way to introduce the technique of perspective drawing to children.

After watching the video we began by drawing pencil sketches using a straight edge, plain paper and pencil. First a dot was drawn near the center of the page. Next a horizontal line was drawn through the dot representing the horizon.

A road and sidewalk were created by drawing four lines from the dot to the bottom of the page. Then the remaining space was filled with scenes of choice. The children were amazed by how simple it was to create a more realistic looking road by using this technique.

My son was so proud of his drawing he hung it directly on the wall. He said it was the best drawing he ever produced and that it was too good to be in a book.

The project was recommended for third grade and up. It was simple, satisfying and took less than an hour to complete. Definitely worth the time!

For more art activity ideas please visit our Arts and Crafts Page. These blog hops have great ideas too.


  1. I love perspective art - thanks for the video link : )

  2. I love how all the pictures have their own flair. They all look great! Thanks for sharing =)


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