Best Picture Books - Round 2

With so many picture books that spark interests it's difficult to narrow down the favorites to just one post. So I'm not going to. I have several posts that each describe some of our favorite picture books.

The Little Engine That Could (Original Classic Edition)
I remember my mom reading this story about a train pushing with all his might to climb up and over a mountain. The perseverance and determination of the train help him to conquer his difficulties.

Angelita's Magic Yarn is a folk tale set in the high mountains of South America. Fire and robbers make trouble for Angelita, but she's able to overcome because whatever she needs she knits.

The Sneetches and Other Stories is a collection of Doctor Seuss classics, but the Sneetches is my favorite. Discrimination is addressed through a clever rhyming story where the Sneetches pass through a machine having stars placed on their bellies or removed from their bellies. Eventually they are just all mixed up and can't be told apart.

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World (Dragonfly Books)
Eggs from France, cinnamon from Sri Lanka and other ingredients from around the world are gathered to prepare a delicious apple pie. Kids learn a bit about geography through this cute story.

Pretzel (Curious George)
Greta doesn't care for long dogs, but once Pretzel, an extra long Dachshund, helps her out she changes her mind.

Hedgie's Surprise
Hedgie is a tricky hedgehog who helps trick the Tomten, so he quits stealing the chicken's eggs. My kids loved this story before they began their infatuation with hedgehogs. So cute.

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  1. I'd forgotten about Pretzel - thanks for the reminder.


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