Rome Unit Study - Writing Assignments

In conjunction with our Roman Unit Study the kids did several short Roman writing assignments.

  • Concrete, surveying tools to build straight roads, etc. What do you think was Rome's best tool or invention?
  • How did aqua ducts and running water change life for the Romans?
  • Write about how a Roman Fort is similar to an American Air Force Base.
  • Write a postcard to a friend or family member far away like the Roman soldiers did.
  • Pretend you are a Roman soldier and you just saw an elephant for the first time. Write down your thoughts.
  • Many of the things the Ancient Romans did are considered immoral by our standards. Choose one immoral act of the Romans to write about. (Gladiators, slavery, enforcing views and way of life on others).
  • Pretend you are the historian Pliny and you just saw Vesuvius erupt. Write about what you saw.
  • Pretend you are a charioteer at the Circus Maximus. Write your story.
  • You are a Roman water engineer working on a new water system. Describe your design. What are your concerns?
  • Interview Hadrian and ask the function of the Pantheon. How was it designed? What was it's original name?
  • How was Hadrian's Wall similar to the Great Wall of China?

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