Roman Review

Week 12: We did a crossword puzzle to review what we learned about the Ancient Roman Empire.

 Here are some of the questions to the crossword puzzle.

Scroll down for the answers
  1. The Romans enjoyed chariot racing at the _____________?
  2. Emperor that had a wall built at the northern end of the empire to keep out barbarians.
  3. The Roman Empire was mostly on this continent.
  4. Huge domed structure built as a temple to the Gods.
  5. The Romans were famous for building these to help their armies travel quickly around their large empire.
  6. Architectural design feature constructed by Romans and seen everywhere in the empire.
  7. Fought animlas and each other to entertain huge crowds.
  8. Two wheeled cart pulled by a horse and used to race.
  9. Made from; volcanic ash, limestone, sand and water.
  10. Famous public bath built for the average citizens.
This was a fun activity because my husband participated.

  1. Circus Maximus
  2. Hadrian
  3. Europe
  4. Pantheon
  5. Roads
  6. Arches
  7. Gladiators
  8. Chariot
  9. Concrete
  10. Caracalla's Baths


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