Music Software for Kids

When my children were very young we borrowed the Mozart's Magic Flute computer game from the library and I was very impressed. Players take young Mozart on a journey to restore the color to the land. Identifying the instruments in the orchestra by listening is only one of the challenging musical activities.  Here is a sample of the game.

It was such a wonderful game I wanted to purchase it to introduce it to my youngest child who was too little to play before. Since it's so old I was worried about it working on my computer. Set of 3 Music Games, Windows Only CD-ROM

My husband was able to get one of the games to run, and it did require a little extra effort. He had to install an old version of macromedia player, copy the CD to the hard drive and disable the virus checker during installation. It worked. Unfortunately he couldn't get the other two to work.

My kids still love the game and so do I, but I would only recommend purchasing this game if you have a very old computer, as it has not been updated to run on new systems.


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