Encouraging Outdoor Physical Education

Physical activity is essential for keeping kids healthy. As homeschoolers, it's all too easy to get wrapped up in indoor learning and forget about going outside. Hobbies can be absorbing as we strive to finish a knitting project or a building of blocks. Learning is great for the brain and when researching on the internet, aren't we all distracted by new websites to visit and videos to watch? We must not forget to get outdoors.

Last year when my daughter was sick we stayed inside more than ever. I didn't realize at the time how detrimental it was to my personal well being. I still went out to run, but it was usually in the dark. This year we have worked outside time into our day. Although it takes even longer to get through the school day everyone is happier.

We spend two hours each morning working on reading, writing and math before spending 30 minutes playing outside. We return indoors for another hour or so of piano, German and Spanish before eating lunch and heading outside for an hour long break. After that we sometimes come in, sometimes stay out and often head to sports and music lessons. This routine has been better than any of our other school plans of the past. We even go out when it's raining.

Here are some of the things we do outside that encourage physical activity.

We walk to the playground and everyone climbs, even me. Some days we play tag and some days we play ping-pong.

Daily walks encourage exploration, and we often walk, especially when it's raining. By walking daily the kids have learned their way around the neighborhood, discovered nature and gotten that much needed Vitamin D.

Simple games and activities in the driveway often keep us active. Soccer or just kicking a ball back and forth, monkey in the middle, ping-pong, hula-hoop, jumping rope and frisbe often entertain me and the kids.

The key to our physical activity is routine is that outdoor play time is built into the schedule so we don't forget it.

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  1. That sounds like a great routine. For me getting our dogs has made so much difference. It means we have to take a walk outside, all year round, come rain or shine. I've been enjoying being in touch with nature and the seasons so much more and the children just accept that's what we do. Like you say - it's about routine.


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